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Terms and condition

Bircoin, a Turkish company and having its registered office and principle place of business at Selenium Panorama Gayrettepe, Hoşsohbet Sokaği No:13, 34349 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey Before using any of our services, you must first agree to these Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.
By accessing our services or by otherwise using them, you confirm that you agree to these Terms of Service, you agree to follow our Acceptable Use Policy and agree to be bound by them ("Agreement").
Minors are not allowed to use the services.
You affirm that you are at least eighteen (18) years of age, or the age of legal majority in your jurisdiction if that is higher than eighteen (18) years of age.
We also have the right, at our sole discretion, to make modifications and revisions to the services and to the terms of this Agreement at any time which are due to security or compliance reasons, or for reasons suspected fraudulent activity.
Such modifications will be published on our site and notified to you without undue delay.
use our services, you must first register with us by creating a user account ("User Account" or "account").
An account will only be issued once you have provided all necessary information required for by us for registration and the information has been examined according to the applicable legal requirements placed upon us by the authorities.
All the information that we request you to provide in connection with the registration must be true, accurate and complete.
If we believe that the information is not true, accurate or complete, we have the right to refuse your access to the site, or any of its resources, and to deny, terminate or suspend your account.
You are responsible for maintaining adequate security and control of your username, password, authentication code or any other code or credential that you use to access the services.
You must not provide any misleading or fraudulent information, including, but not limited to having a non-personal phone number after our security team permission.
Creating fake reputation information for your account, faking your country of origin or providing fraudulent identification documents is prohibited and will lead to termination or suspension of your account.
accept any freeform terms and conditions set out by the advertiser in the Terms of trade field and displayed on the advertisement page.
Payments made by buyers must be sent by the same person or entity who is the holder of the account or the company account.
Receiving, making, providing, or attempting to receive, make or provide payments to or from third parties is forbidden and considered a violation of this Agreement.
Bircoin is also a party to such communications, and may access and otherwise process such communications in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
Communication that has not occurred on our platform or that has been hidden, encrypted or otherwise obstructed from view is not taken into consideration during dispute review and dispute resolution.
If you have any complaint about a trade, you will provide documents and after investigation, the buyer or seller does not able to defend his/her right, the cryptocurrencies will transfer or hold after the decision.
Incorrect dispute resolution If you believe Bircoin has resolved a dispute you are a party of in a way which is not in accordance with these terms you have a right to request a review.
To request a review you need to notify us and specifically request a review by contacting customer support no later than 120 days after the dispute resolution has been given.
Information and payment details you provide in advertisements and trades must at all times be correct and up to date.
Disputes may be resolved against you if you include out-of-date payment details and a buyer completes payment accordingly.
Refusal to complete trades or to provide payment details for trades opened from your advertisements is considered a violation of this agreement.
In detail of payments putting communication line or paying links is forbidden in creating advertise stage.
Also you are able to send them in chatting platform.
If you provide the wrong wallet addresses, we have not any responsibility for it.
The price or price equation that is defined in the advertisement details must contain any and all fees that the advertiser requires the buyer to pay.
After initiation of a trade the price is locked and cannot be changed or any additional fees added without consent from both parties of the trade.
Account suspension results in a temporary loss of access to most parts of the services we offer.
Account termination results in permanent loss of access to all services.
As a result of limitation, suspension or termination your access to and the withdrawal of bitcoins that you have in your Bircoin wallet may be delayed or denied.
FATF Rules In certain situations (e.g. due to the regulatory or legal requirements) we may require enhanced identity verification.
This may include requirements to verify details or sources of funds regarding payments you have made or received during trades on Bircoin as well as bitcoin transactions that you have sent or received from your account.
Suspend an account how it will done For users whose, they do not trade several times and it will be repeated more than three-time, the account will be suspended.
At first time and the second time the user will not allow to withdraw his/ her assets, But s/he has allowing to create an advertisement and sell them.
If a user cancels the trade more than three-time, his/her account will be terminated.
we suspect that you use the services to engage in, attempt to engage in, or in connection with fraudulent activity, money laundering, terrorist financing or other financial crime; Limiting Access to Your Bircoin Wallet In certain situations your ability to access, conduct bitcoin transactions, or start trades using bitcoin held in your Bircoin wallet may be limited.
This limitation may be applied generally to all users or a subset of our users during service outages or maintenance outages of the website; during bitcoin hardforks or other situations where we believe there is a high risk to your bitcoin balance.
We reserve the right at our sole discretion to decide if and how we support any new cryptocurrencies and/or blockchain forks in our services including defining which blockchain shall be deemed as bitcoin within the meaning of this Agreement.
Bircoin is not responsible for any user-generated content on its site including but not limited to messages, feedbacks or advertisements and may remove said content without notice (unless such notice is required by applicable law) or liability at any time in its sole discretion.
Our commission The system percent in any trade is 0.5 % of deals and for trusted sell it is 0.75%.
The transfer cost of bitcoins and other currencies will be minus of total amount and it is not for bircoin.
In the trades any fees that is demand to deliver the crypto, requires the buyer to pay it.